Free Stuff Dollar

FREE Stuff

Each card has up to $1,000 of totally FREE food, activities, and services. Can it get better than free?

Deals Right Now Money Bags

Deals Right Now

No more waiting for a deal to your favorite restaurant. Get 100’s of deals instantly and redeem them whenever you want. This is hassle-free saving.

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Premum Deals

Each card has $1,000s of dollars of savings in 2 for 1 and 50-90% off deals. Our Cards average a total savings of $7,500 - $12,500!

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Local Deals

All of our deals are in your local area. Yep, forget all the deals that are miles, upon miles away. These deals are easy to use and places you already go to.

Support your team by getting your Starving Student Card now – funds raised go towards scholarships, tournaments, and more!