Why Our Product ROCKS

  • FREE Deals: Each card has up to $1,000 of totally free food, activities, and services. Can it get better than free?
  • Premium deals: Each card has $1,000s of dollars of savings in 2 for 1 and 50% off deals. Our cards have total savings of $7,500 - $12,500. Start saving your cash now!
  • Fundraising: Our program is designed to help schools and teams raise needed funds. By purchasing our product you’re not only going to save tons of money, you’ll also help a local school or team raise important funds for scholarships or the next big tournament they hope to win.
  • Local deals: All of our deals are in your local area. Yep, forget all the deals that are miles, upon miles, upon miles away. These deals are easy to use and at place you already go regularly.
  • Size and Organization: Our cards rock – they are well organize and they fold up and fit in a purse or wallet. No more carrying around a brick or leaving it at home because it’s just too big to be useful.
  • Simple Redemption: Our deals are so easy to redeem – just show your card to the merchant. It’s that easy. On Demand. No more waiting for a deal to your favorite restaurant. Get 100’s deals instantly and redeem them whenever you want. This is hassle-free saving.


  • "I use it all the time--I never left home without it.  Keep selling these!  I'll keep buying them!"

    Rachel Salzman Student

  • It is the most useful card I have ever owned… way better than the happenings books.  I like the large selection of local deals, and it conveniently fits in my wallet.

    Michael Jueschke Student

  • Man, you want this card! You may thing that you won't ever use it, but you will, because the deals are so good.

    Joseph Tenny Student

  • The card is amazing!  It saves me so much money & I love the places participating.  I have saved a lot of money & had a lot of good fun!  It will save you money - you will use it all of the time.  You won't regret it!

    Samantha Kirkley Student

  • I can't help but love the deals - my card has been paid for many times.  I save money and hook up my friends.  It is totally worth it.  I have saved way more than I thought.

    Caleb Reeve Student

  • The 'free stuff' is actually FREE!.  I've paid for my card three times over with just the free items and services.  I was surprised by how much I actually used the card.  I didn't think I would use it that much, but I do and I love it.

    Sam Bennion Student

  • Buy it and save a ton of money.  I've saved at least $200-$400 with it.

    Scott Aston Student

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